Tanks & Water


Wireless Water Monitoring


A complete, simple solution for the motitoring & management of water & other fluids

We have numerous satisfied customers in the Longreach district enjoying the fact that they can monitor their tanks from home

  • Solar powered tank unit means virtually zero maintenance
  • Up to 9 tanks can be monitored in only 1 LCD unit
  • Indoor LCD unit allows easy monitoring
  • Very simple installation
  • Standard range 2-4km, antenna can be upgraded to increase range up to 15km
  • Wireless water sustem will actually learn your water usage
  • Abnormal usage (leak) & low tank level "alert" functions
  • Time to empty indications help you to manage your water usage
  • Fully automatic Wireless Pump Controllers also available

Windmill Buckets

  • Leather - 1½, 1¼, 1¾, 13/8, 22½, 2¾, 3, 4, 4¼
  • Neoprene - 1½, 1¼, 13/82, 2½, 3½


Water Tanks:



  • 1100gal, 2200gal & 5500gal water tanks are kept on hand
  • Water storage tanks from 750gal to 10200gal
  • Slimline tanks from 485gal to 1100gal
  • Water or molasses transport tanks
  • Stock water troughs - 250lt, 650lt round & 750lt, 1150lt long troughs
  • Lick troughs & feeders - 200lt(perfect small pool) & 650lt with safety tread base
  • Molasses Feeders/Troughs
  • Molasses Tanks


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