Animal Health



Parasite Control:

General Health:

Fly & Lice Treatments: 
  • Brute for Cattle - 5lt
  • Coopers Easy Dose - 6lt, 2lt, 1lt
  • Supona - 5lt use as an over spray or on Backrubbers
  • Tiguvon Spot on - 10lt, 2.5lt
  • Lodge Back Rubber - standard or self oiling, 2mt & 3mt
  • Lodge Back Rubber Oil - 20lt
Insecticidal Ear Tags:  



Lice: Fly Control:
Worm Control:





  • Worm Control:
    • Imax LV, Imax Gold liquids 100ml, Panacur 100 1lt
    • Genesis Equine Gel, Equimax Paste, Strategy T paste, Eraquell worm pellets,
  • Wounds:
    • Vetrap & Elastoplast bandages, Vetadine, Iodine, Potties White & Green ointment, Flints Oil,
    • Vetex Antiseptic Creme, Cetrigen, Debrisol, Equinade Liniment, Rapigel, Equitex Poultice,
    • Lotagen Gel, TuffRock Poultice, Sea Minerals Ointment, Yellow Lotion, Cutcure
  • Supplements:
    • Equilibrium Yellow & Blue, Founderguard, Sandlube, Boitin, Cal-plus, Garlic, B-Complex,
    • Humidimix, Cod Liver Oil, Joint Guard, MSM Powder, Nervine Powder, Nutridex, Protexin, 
    • Sulphur, Untie, Cider Vinegar, Vitamin B Complex, B12, C & VAM injections.

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